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Is there any other day of the year when more people get out on the road looking to spend money if it’s not the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday And let’s toss in those people traveling in the days before and then after the Thanksgiving Holiday followed by brick and mortar retail businesses looking to get a piece of Cyber Monday.

And right through the holidays restaurants and retail stores can bank even greater sales by promoting gift cards with a great big neon colored black sign out front from Michigan’s leader in portable black signs, Light Bright Signs. For the last minute shopped what better gift!

Restaurants selling gift cards draws people in for a meal while offering an easy gift buy for just about anyone maybe saving some of the crush of the mall. Gym’s put out the word getting people thinking about the weight gain after a big turkey dinner and retailers use black signs to sell just about everything.

Light Bright Signs gets the word out and brings in the people you need all across the Great Lakes state! For more information call Light Bright Signs at (616) 608-7229 or tap here to contact us!

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